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Yuri Kuma Arashi – Time to eat

Shaba-daa… Shaba-daba-daabaa. This anime is a prime example of why people should not quit watching a non-linear show¬†after the first few episodes.

Art is outstanding – beautifully designed characters, colorful background, lots of attention to details and expression. The OP is good on its own; the soundtrack blends into the storytelling perfectly and doesn’t distract you.

This anime is about bears eating humans. Both literally and figuratively.

This anime is about bears eating humans. Both literally and figuratively.

Despite all that, Yuri Kuma Arashi is definitely not an easy anime to watch. As many people may have noticed, the first three episodes – no, make it five episodes – had one of the highest WTF-per-minute factor. The story didn’t make any sense. Asteroid exploding, cute-looking bears uprising and eating human, Kureha and her inexplicable not giving up on love… nothing seems to fit anywhere.

Luckily, the murder of Sumika, the catchy OP, and the irresistible “Shabadadoo” of Junichi Suwabe kept me watching. And I felt so lucky I did. Since the way the story is told is similar to having a puzzle with pieces being revealed one at a time which, while confusing at first, once there are enough pieces, it makes your mind try to interpolate and fill in the unseen pieces. It is rewarding when you guessed the right missing piece; but Ikuhara’s genius directing piques your interest even more when you guessed it wrong. To that end, a fun game you can try for the first 5 episodes is to guess which characters are bears and which are humans.

Did I mention that Life Sexy’s voice is aptly very sexy? His voice is so good that I have been eagerly waiting for the Judgement section of every episode. And episode 4 is worthy of several re-watches, because one just cannot get enough Shabadadoo.

Don’t let the initial confusion shy you away from this otherwise great work of art. There are many things to enjoy in Yuri Kuma Arashi.

Oh, and this has lots of yuri romance, in case you haven’t noticed. And apparently with all the innuendos and cannibalism, this is rated R.


Dory • March 9, 2015

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