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Yuno & a camera phone

Whew, that was a lot to be done for new year celebration.¬†Now that it’s over, I can resume my #figurefridaychallenge, and with the current challenge being cameraphones, I now have infinitely more #instagram than ever before!

For still subjects, the only disadvantages of a cellphone camera are no aperture/DoF control, and generally lower resolution (lens and sensor, both spatial and color resolutions, which don’t really matter much for most cases). Most phone lenses are wide enough, and tele can be achieved by cropping; low-light photos can be taken from a tripod; and contrast can be enhanced by software. With correct lighting, a cameraphone photo can be as good as photos taken with more expensive cameras, and here’s an example of that.

And photos taken with a camera phone still have their charms. At least for my shots, they have the kind of colors and focus not seen in photos that I shot with a DSLR. A lot of times I feel less distracted composing from a big phone screen than from a viewfinder.


If life gives you lemons, take a photo.

With a novice like me, not having to see all the technical info of a shot lets me focus on the composition more. In this photo, the visualization of the primary and secondary action lines and how red interacted with green and white were much more vivid on a phone screen than in a viewfinder. I doubt that I would be able to take a shot like this using my DSLR.

That said, I would totally go back and retake that shot using my 5dmkII, if it wasn’t for the challenge.


Dory • February 23, 2015

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