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Winged beauty

Even before Tenshi arrived two weeks ago, I had been having, in my mind, this image of Tenshi walking her dog. It took me a while, however, to get an photo going.

The first thing that happened was me breaking her wing not even 5 minutes into unboxing :(. Tenshi has big, translucent, majestic wings that look like they really are making her float in the air. But unlike other winged beauties, she was given puny wing pegs that connects them to her back. The pegs were made of PVC, 7mm long, 4mm high, and only 1.5mm thick, and were not built to withstand any torque on her stretched-out left wing but its own gravity, and quickly gave way to the brute and giant hands of mine. Understandably, superglue did not work. After all, if the solid piece of plastic does not hold, how can glue?

Anyway, I panicked and ordered a second Tenshi. Not something I would regret, mind you.

(no photo of broken wing, because I was not calm enough to take a photo)

After calming down, I recalled GSC’s blog, which has instruction on repairing broken figma joints. I vaguely remembered them talking about drilling out the broken joint, replacing it with a metal rod (on this expensive figure, why they didn’t use metal rods to begin with is beyond me). So I did that; I whipped out my drill, surgically removed (read: brute-force) the plastic stubs that was embedded inside the wing. Luckily, I didn’t need to drill onto Tenshi’s back, since a pair of plier got rid of the broken peg stub already.



Second problem: I didn’t have metal rods. I had some when we made the Micromouse, but apparently spare parts decay when not being used. I turned to the only small rod-like thing I had: toothpicks. Since the old peg extends only half a centimeter into the wing, I had to drill deeper into the wing’s plastic to make sure it holds the toothpick. A second piece of toothpick was inserted on to to keep the wing from rotating around the first; and everything was kept together by superglue. It worked!


(/^▽^)/ you can barely see the toothpick

So that was my little endeavor with fixing Tenshi’s wing. I can get onto taking photos now, right? Well, I couldn’t figure out how to get her to stand without the base.

Her base is yellow and looks like sand from a distant, but it’s still not sand, and it stands out. I looked at other people’s Tenshi photo, and it seems like they all hid the base under dirt or grass/moss. I don’t want to do that, because if I dig the sand up it won’t look as smooth; and if I wait for the wave to smooth out the sand, it’s going to (1) hit poor Tenshi, and (2) probably expose the base anyway. Moss doesn’t work because here in SoCal, scenes where you have greenery all around is a rarity. I could photoshop her into the photo, but only if my photoshop skill isn’t limited to manga cleaning. I needed a way… then it hit me. She stands on her base on top of a peg, and I did make a custom peg for her wing, I could probably make a custom peg for her foot too. This time was easy, no drilling was needed, and I already knew how to work with bamboo skewers.

Somehow this looks very scary...

Somehow this looks very scary, like she stepped on spikes and they’re stuck to her foot…

Finding a dog was much easier, with the help of old faithful Amazon.

For taking of the actual photo, I would not have dared to take such a risk had I not known that I have a second Tenshi coming in case something happened to this one. All that was left was a matter of finding a beach, take Tenshi and the dog there, wait for sunset, plant her onto the sand, and snap. Almost out of camera JPEG.



2:3 wallpaper version

2:3 wallpaper version


Dory • February 22, 2016

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