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Summer 2015 – Week 1: Hochiminh city & Soreyuke! Burunyan-man

The weather is hot and humid, like usual. This is my natural habitat. My skin couldn’t get used to the dry air of San Diego after 9 years living there.

100% humidity. Marvelous.

100% humidity. Marvelous.

For the first time ever, I travelled light. I brought only my share of clothes for a week, plus the necessary computers. It should be easy to travel from NRT to HND, but with only 5 hours between my flights, I don’t want to take any risk. Not having checked bags saves 30min at the carousels, 30min at check-in counters, and the hassle of bringing them to and from the bus. Everything went smoothly as the Airport Limo Shuttle runs on time and were not that hard to find.

That didn’t stop me from bringing my figures, though. I brought Shinobu and Kirino with me since they are tiny and hard to break. I originally brought Danbo, too, but gave her away to an old crush of mine when I met her in Vietnam. I still don’t think giving figures to your crush will generally increase your points, but Danbo is an exception; she is so popular in Vietnam that more people recognize her figure than people who know that she’s female.

Since I didn’t do anything but visiting relatives, reconnecting with old friends, and play sysadmin at home, I didn’t take any photo worth sharing. More should come when I’m in Japan next week, though. Still, to be able to enjoy this weather is totally worth sitting on the airplane for 17 hours.

Which brings me to a second point: I was looking for something to kill time on the airplane. I feel like the well-known Dariusburst is overrated; SuperStardust didn’t last that long; and lots of other shmups are plainly boring. That’s when I discovered Soreyuke Burunyan-man Portable. Best shmup on the PSP. Jaw-dropping graphics, fast, good music, addictive gameplay, lighthearted humor, and just simply fun.

That's right, you're fighting a giant mouse.

That’s right, you’re fighting a giant mouse.

(Since I don’t know how to take screenshots on a PSP, I’ll be pulling images off Google)

You play as one of the 3 cats, who transformed into girls wearing gym uniform with bloomers (hence the name), school swinsuit, and a maid costume. Your opponent will be the mice. The game is laced with fanservice, including a boss who fires lasers from questionable body parts while making… noises. Luckily, the gameplay itself and the story has nothing that weird, so to those who don’t enjoy that kind of thing, they would just be mildly distracting jokes. Plus the voice acting is good it draws you in.

It is still a bullet hell shooter, so expect lots of bullets. The game is not very hard, though: with “normal” characters (i.e not Meinyan, who is overpowered), the game’s highest difficulty is only somewhere between Normal and Hard mode on Touhou. I managed to finish Meinyan and Burunyan stories within a week. I still died a lot, but the game was so fun it never made me feel frustrated.

It’s a shame a game this good is not known more in the West. I would love an English translation, too.

Obligatory figure photo. Bloomers don't amuse Shinobu.

Obligatory figure photo. Bloomers don’t amuse Shinobu.


Dory • July 9, 2015

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