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I suddenly had an hour of free time, and the sunset looked good, so I took Nadeko with me to the beach. Having taken sunset photos before, I know that I only have seconds to set up and take the shot. Yet¬†despite preparing the pose beforehand, I still don’t have enough time to get the shot I really wanted. During the 30-second window when the sun is right where I wanted it to be, the wind managed to knock my poor Nadeko down into the sand 4 times (I was¬†already lying on wet sand the whole time).

So I managed to snap 2 photos of her still standing up. One was at 50mm f/5.6, and I felt the DoF was too narrow for my taste, especially when I wanted to capture the sun, plus the horizon was a bit too high. Luckily, just before I thrown the photo onto the reject pile, I had this idea of making it look like early morning, which turned out quite OK.

What's my next world domination plan going to be?

We catch a glimpse of Nadeko pondering her next world domination plot this morning.

The composition of the second shot was what I intended, and stopping down to f/20 allowed me to see the sun. Unfortunately, Nadeko was covered in wet sand that I didn’t have time to wipe off, so I spent an hour removing all the sand in her jacket, cap, and shoes in post-processing. I don’t think I did too badly.


The originally intended sunset shot

Which one do you like better?



Dory • March 22, 2015

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  1. Matt June 13, 2015 - 7:46 am Reply

    Great photos, Dory! Keep up the good work.

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