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More laser CNC’ing: Thin-MiniITX case

After seing how nice wood would look as a computer case, I made another one. This time for my Synthesia machine, which is a Core i5-3330S salvaged from an old broken AIO given to me, on an Intel Desktop Board DQ77KB Thin-Mini-ITX form factor. Before this, it used to be bolted onto a scrapy-looking plexiglass piece.



I did replace the high performance blower fan with a smaller low-profile fan. Originally the blower fan was designed to cool down the CPU and an MXM GPU at the same time; we don’t have the GPU to worry about anymore. I also removed the 2.5in SSD and replaced it with a space-saving mSATA drive to avoid having to bolt the SSD to the top plate and show 4 ugly screw heads.

I am very happy with the result this time. The wood grain looks great; the CPU fan now works as both a case fan and a CPU fan, cooling down the voltage regulators and the PCH better than before; it feels good when held in one hand; and it looks more like a piece of furniture than something from an EE lab. This is one of the things that need to be wood and not clear acrylic.

DXF file.


  • Intel Desktop Board DQ77KB. CPU position should be standard on all Thin ITX boards
  • Rubber feet
  • SilverStone low profile cooler. I got this because it looks good, is round, very quiet, and thin enough.
  • I used 6mm standoff screws on the bottom because it’s the lowest screws that can accomodate the heatsink’s backplate.
  • I needed 22mm clearance, so I used 20mm standoff screws with a nut (the nut is needed because the screw is 6mm long and is too long for the 6mm standoffs below)
  • 3mm Baltic birch plywood

Cute, isn’t it?

computer caselaser

Dory • June 11, 2017

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