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Milky way @ Anza-Borrego

Shiki gives off the impression of beautiful and deadly. I imagine a scene that someone being “terminated” by her would see, with a feeling of part desperation and part admiration, would be her walking away into the light, with some dynamic backdrop.

I need to get back into figure photography. It has been too long. What little skill I had is already eroding away.

Me and my friend went to Anza-Borrego desert last weekend in search of a chance to photograph the Milky Way, since it was a long weekend, a new moon, and a day with clear sky all at once. There was very little humidity; there was very little light pollution thanks to the mountains on all sides; we couldĀ see the Milky Way with naked eyes; and there were sculptures there to help us practice our photos. It was just perfect. In fact, it was so perfect that there were a host of other people there also trying the same thing.

It was our first time taking photos of the Milky Way, and it turned out a lot better than expected.

“In search of stars”

Dory • June 11, 2017

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