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Kuroneko’s straw hat

I always liked this version of Kuroneko’s (Shironeko’s?) straw hat. A lot of details, striking but realistic color, nicely placed ribbon. The figure itself is good, too, with Kuroneko’s signature look, contrasting with her translucent dress revealing the striped bikini underneath; sexy.

The thing is I don’t like beach queen figures. Maybe because they don’t reflect how the characters looked, or maybe because they were just too much fanservice for my taste. On top of that, nice, big straw hats generally complicate lighting. And thus, this nice figure have been sitting in a corner of my shelf for a while.

Luckily, this week’s Figure Photography’s #figurefridaychallenge is about hats. Coupled with the fact that my Snap Fig arrived today, I get enough motivation to take a shot. I feel so lucky I did.

Translucent dress, striped bikini, straw hat. Sexy.

200mm, f/2.8, ISO 800, 1/125s. Main flash 1/16 -0.3, “sun” flash 1/64. Translucent dress, striped bikini, straw hat. Sexy.

(Also posted on MFC)

A little on how the photo was made: Find my favorite beach photo, rotate it a bit and put it on fullscreen. Find something to prop Kuroneko up; move the photo on the screen to where it should appear on the photo. Walk back and look at the figure until it looks right, then set the tripod and camera right there.

Now comes the trial-and-error part. I figured that the hat would block most of the light from my room lighting, so some flashes would be needed. Direct flash would be easiest, but after a couple of shots it’s evident that it would hide all the sexy curves, so I figured I would need to go grab a softbox, umbrella, or bounce it. Since I’m lazy, I bounced the flash to the back of the room.

Snap. Lighting amount looks good, but the flash was too warm compared to the light from my monitor. This is where those $3-for-a-bunch-of-500 filters come in handy. Snap again.

First time using this color.

First time using this color.

That soft, diffused light solved the problem of lighting her face; but then she doesn’t look like she’s on the beach at all. The sun should be shining (else why the hat?), plus I actually have the sun in my beach photo, so I’ll need to create that sunlight somehow. So I went back upstair to grab another flash. The lowest that the 430EXII will go is 1/64, still too blindingly strong, and since I don’t have any good ND filter, I decided to just bounce that off the wall. Luckily, it worked this time.

The final setup.

The final setup.


Dory • September 5, 2014

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