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Kaiyodo’s Chii

I wanted to like this figure, a lot. It has a great idea; Chii’s pose was sexy with her disheveled dress revealing her thigh band; and the sofa was a nice touch. The moment I saw her photo, I thought to myself “I gotta have her!”. She was sold out everywhere, and I had to buy her used off someone in Romania.



But Kaiyodo didn’t bother to give her a little better build quality. It’s not apparent from the photo, but her skin looks as if it was bombarded with Agent Orange up close. It’s sad how the prop has better details than the figure itself. The sofa was not perfect, however; it wobbled – I had to cut one leg a bit to stop it, and to make the armrest fit in Chii’s hands. And then the eyes… Chii’s eyes are supposed to be sad, not dead. I don’t know how they managed to screw this up.


Dory • November 15, 2014

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