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I have a doll

I have been telling people that I play with figurines, not dolls. Well, that’s no longer true. I officially stepped up into the dolls’ territory now.


No DollfieDream (yet), I don’t have that kind of money, but this little-know PureNeemo is still spectacular. Things I immediately noticed:

  • Details, details, details! Lots more details than PVC figure: leather shoes, skirt, corset, headband… all are more realistic than a figure.
  • Clothes are harder to work with than soft PVC.
  • San Diego’s winter weather is super annoying thanks to static electricity. Can’t brush her hair without water; and still then, there are stray hair strands sticking to everything.
  • Heavier, more posable body, but a lot harder to pose since the joints are not any stronger than figma joints.
  • This is going to get expensive: custom clothes and wigs prices are on the same price scale as real human clothes; then I have to buy bodies, especially when hands, accessories and stands are not included, unlike a figma.

She’s a 1/6. I was hoping to be able to use cheap Barbie accessories since they’re also 1/6, but I was wrong. None of the Barbie stuffs I looked at seems to work. Kinda like 2 different worlds completely.

The NEX is still as fun to use as always.


Instagram filter FTW! …not.


Dory • November 27, 2014

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