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Figure Friday challenge: Black

I am lazy. Anyone who know me for more than a day knows that. Without the #figurefridaychallenge, I wouldn’t have picked up my camera to take any photo. With a fresh, not-so-easy-but-still-open-enough topic every week, it had reignited my passion for figure photography.

This week’s challenge was about black, which is a rather vague topic. Some people interpret it as low-key photos; some think about figures wearing black; others do black and white photos. For some reason, I immediately though of backlighting, even though I have never took a proper backlit photo before.

And that was such a nice surprise. I found out that backlit figure photos are extremely easy to create. Since most of my backgrounds are from a computer screen, doing backlit greatly simplified lighting. I did not have to worry about balancing the amount and color of light on the figure with the light from the screen, and any translucent feature of a figure would be emphasized. It was such a delight I took 2 photos this week.

The first one is what first came to mind when I heard “black”: Sayaka fighting Elsa Maria. However, I was a sadist and didn’t like happy endings, so I had Sayaka fight Kyouko instead. Even though I wasn’t completely happy with how that turned out, I uploaded it nevertheless.

Bad end.

Bad end.

Then it came to me that I didn’t need the whole figure to be completely black. So I tried again, this time with something I have never taken out of its box: Ayu’s wings.

An angel.

My little angel.

I have never displayed Ayu with those wings on, since I thought they looked stupid. They are pink and glossy (look like cheap toys), way too big, tip Ayu off-balance (so I’ll need her base), and prevent me from holding her in my hand. They only looked so nice when I shine blue lights through them.

Anyway, looking forward to next week’s challenge!


Dory • September 12, 2014

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