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Conspiracy theory: Shiro from NGNL is actually an EArTh

There are plenty of people who made the connection between the EArTh Shiro and Reisen “Udongein” Inaba already, so I won’t dig more into that. What I found out just now is that there’s a surprising amount of similarity between her and No Game No Life’s Shiro.

Their appearance are very similar: long white/purple gradient hair; sharp, sad eyes; small build; ¬‸¬) face.

Look at that flowing gradient hair.

Look at that flowing gradient hair.

...and those faces.

…and those faces.

Their personalities are very similar: strong and determined, to the point of overpowered, yet having a fragile heart and yearning for affection/protection. They both have mysterious pasts, and both seems to have been the result or subject of some experiment.

Both Shiro's are not hesitant to pull the trigger.

Both Shiro’s are not hesitant to pull the trigger.

And the kicker is: Hiroki actually called the rabbit EArTh “Shiro” at the end of volume 1 of the manga.

…I’ll stop rambling now. Go watch No Game No Life if you haven’t already. Heck, re-watch it if you have. It’s totally worth it. Best of the season.

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Dory • September 5, 2014

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